Gender Inclusive Housing

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The Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life is committed to serving the holistic needs of our student population. Georgia Tech Housing offers a residential option in which two or more students choose to live in a multiple-occupancy traditional, suite, or apartment style space. It is offered to every student regardless of class status, gender, or sexual orientation.

Students have the option to list eligible roommate(s) in their application, search for eligible roommate(s), or choose to be paired with another student who has also chosen to participate in gender inclusive housing and has agreed to the terms found at the end of the FAQs below.

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The roommate selection process mirrors what is provided for all students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Georgia Tech Housing goal for offering Gender Inclusive Housing?

The goal is to support the creation of inclusive environments in residence halls by enacting practices and protocols consistent with enhancing the Institute’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. For more information please see: (

In which residence halls will Gender Inclusive Housing be offered?

There are no designated buildings. The Gender Inclusive Housing option will be available across campus with the potential exception of residence halls with a single-gender designation.
Current single-gender building include:

ALL Female: Fulmer 

Options are subject to change from year-to-year.

Students who select to reside in Gender Inclusive Housing will be permitted to do so if space is available.

For whom is Gender Inclusive Housing designed?

Gender Inclusive Housing is for any student who self-selects the option to live with someone of any gender regardless of one’s sex assigned at birth. Only students who select Gender Inclusive Housing will be placed in it.

Gender Inclusive Housing is not intended to give students who are in a romantic relationship the option to live together.

The phrase "sex assigned at birth" is used. What does this mean?
Sex Assigned at Birth (or Assigned Sex): The designation of Male or Female that is made at birth, usually based on the appearance of external genitalia.
What if a resident who requested a Gender Inclusive Housing option decides they no longer want to live in that assignment?
All residents can choose to submit a request for an administrative room change. Depending on the time of the year, available options could be limited.
What will happen to the remaining roommate(s) in the event one or more vacancies occur in a Gender Inclusive Housing space?
If a vacancy occurs, Housing reserves the right to assign another Gender Inclusive Housing participant into the space or consolidate when necessary.
How do I select and find a roommates(s) who has chosen to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?

Residents who self-select the Gender Inclusive Housing option will see other students who have selected GIH when searching for roommates via My Housing.

How will bathroom assignments be managed in first-year residence halls?
Gender-inclusive bathroom options have been designated in all traditional residence halls. Proximity to these options is factored into to the designation of GIH available rooms. GIH students will only see GIH designated rooms as options during the self-assign process. 
Can students under 18 years of age choose to enroll in gender inclusive housing?
Yes, and it is the students’ responsibility to communicate with parents or family members about this decision.
Common Gender Inclusive Housing Definitions

Ally: A person who supports and advocates for the LGBTQIA community.

Apartment: Apartments feature 4 to 6 private bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room, and dining/study area.

Gender Expression: How a person presents their gender using gender cues such as hairstyle, clothing, make-up, accessories, speech and movement patterns, and other visible attributes.

Gender Identity: A person’s internal sense or feeling about their own gender. The term refers to whether a person identifies as a man, a woman, both, neither, or another gender.

Gender-Inclusive Bathroom: A bathroom that can be used by anyone regardless of gender. Gender-inclusive bathrooms benefit people who are transgender, people with disabilities who have care attendants of a different gender, and parents with young children, among others.

Non-Binary: A person whose gender identity is outside of the binary identities of man and woman. A non-binary person may experience a partial connection to one or more genders or a fluidity between genders.

LGBTQIA: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and ally.

Sex Assigned at Birth (or Assigned Sex): The designation of Male or Female that is made at birth, usually based on the appearance of external genitalia.

Sexual Orientation: The romantic, sexual, and/or emotional attraction that one person may or may not have to another person or other people. Sexual orientations can include, but are not limited to, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, asexual, and heterosexual.

Suite: Rooms consist of two, two person rooms sharing a full bathroom.

Traditional Room: Two-person (double) rooms with shared bathrooms on the hall. (Some buildings have 3 or 4 person rooms)

Transgender (Trans): An umbrella term to describe people whose gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth. It can include trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and many other identities.

Trans man: A person who was assigned female at birth but who identifies as a man.

Trans woman: A person who was assigned male at birth but who identifies as a woman.

Terms and Conditions

This is a preview of the terms and conditions for students in Gender Inclusive Housing. Acceptance of these twelve items will be required in the housing application.

Term and Condition 1
I understand that once I agree to live in Gender Inclusive Housing all future housing applications will automatically place me in Gender Inclusive Housing.

Term and Condition 2
In order to be eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing, I must adhere to the housing application and deposit deadlines.

Term and Condition 3
In the future, if I decide I no longer wish to participate in the Gender Inclusive Housing option, or I cannot agree to all terms and conditions, I will contact the Housing Help Desk for assistance to opt out of Gender Inclusive Housing. I understand that alternative housing options may be limited.

Term and Condition 4
I understand: (1) Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is defined as a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple-occupancy traditional room, suite, or apartment in mutual agreement, regardless of the students' sex, gender identity, and gender expression, and (2) the intent of this agreement is to give students the option to reside with another person of a different gender or sex in order to provide a welcoming living environment, and (3) Gender Inclusive Housing allows/encourages students in the process of discovering their gender identity, who do not wish to identify themselves by gender, and students who feel more comfortable with a roommate of a different gender, the option to find a more compatible roommate and living situation within this community.

Term and Condition 5
I understand Gender Inclusive Housing options will be available to students who wish to live in a Gender Inclusive environment; however, assignments will be based upon availability and ability to meet the student(s) request.

Term and Condition 6
Assignment to a preferred room, suite, apartment or building is contingent upon availability and is not guaranteed.  If desired space is not available, assignment staff will strive to find another Gender Inclusive Housing space before they would assign me to a non- Gender Inclusive Housing space.  I understand contracts are not automatically terminated if desired space of style is unavailable.

Term and Condition 7
I understand all assignment procedures, deadline, and associated charges as stated in the Housing Contract apply.  Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Residence Life.

Term and Condition 8
If I am already under contract and choose to relocate to another area on campus that has a more expensive rental rate, I will be financially responsible for paying the difference.

Term and Condition 9
Georgia Institute of Technology Housing has the right to consolidate spaces as needed.  This may result in room changes for Gender Inclusive Housing participants.

Term and Condition 10
If I do not identify desired roommates(s), I understand I will be assigned roommates who also select to live in Gender Inclusive Housing with the same building style preferences.

NOTE: First-year residents are only eligible to reside in selected first-year halls.  First-year students and upper-class students may not be assigned together in traditional or apartment style housing, regardless of shared interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.

Term and Condition 11
I understand that if I exhibit behavior that is contradictory to the spirit and intent of this agreement, I may be relocated to a different housing assignment on campus.

Term and Condition 12
It is the student's choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in a Gender Inclusive Housing option. The Georgia Tech Housing and Residence Life encourages this conversation between parents or family members and students about the housing choice so they can be in support of the student's decision. The choice to live in Gender Inclusive Housing is included in the student's academic record and subject to FERPA rules and regulations.