First-Year Experience

Photo of students participating in team building

Welcome to the First-Year Experience... It's where you live!

The First-Year Experience creates a living-learning community that supports the successful transition of new students to the Georgia Tech culture. Program components challenge and supports students in their personal, academic, and leadership development. Our student-centered environment enhances overall retention and encourages contribution to the Georgia Tech community.

Our purpose is to help first-year residents build a solid personal and academic foundation within the context of a diverse and inclusive community. The program helps residents learn to understand their own personal identity and how to engage in their new community, which are cornerstones for success at Georgia Tech.

What to Expect

  • Create connections with your upperclass Resident Assistants
  • Learn how to get involved with First-year leadership organizations
  • Make an impact by joining Hall Council through the Residence Hall Association
  • Receive timely information about campus events, activities, and programs that are relevant to First-year students
  • Participate in Georgia Tech's Meal Plan
  • Take GT1000 to develop skills for academic success at Georgia Tech


Each residence hall plans weekly programming to provide students with campus resources, a study break, or aide in the transition of being away from home. 

Examples of residential programming:

  • Homecoming Week such as: Mini 500, Freshman Cake Race, and Flag Decorating
  • Tuesday Challenges such as: campus scavenger hunts, self-defense, trivia, and “minute to win it” activities
  • "Box and Sox" where female residents can engage with women's health topics
  • The “Ultimate Soap Game” – ultimate frisbee between two residence halls, complete with a bar of soap
  • Focuses on Safety and Security, Diversity and Inclusion & Health and Well Being
the eight dimensions of wellness; spiritual, intellectual, occupational, social, environmental, financial, physical, emotional

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